92% of Business Owners come back to Bottomline Access for all future lending..there’s a reason why


Credit is essential for most businesses to grow, seize opportunities and fill in cash-flow gaps. We will help you dodge credit hurdles such as challenging credit, seasonal droughts, etc and get you access to the right lending product for your business. Our lending specialist are highly trained individuals who will help guide you through different credit options and help match the best products for your needs and objectives.

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Business credit is much more than a fix for cash flow challenges—it’s a strategic tool that successful companies rely on to grow and thrive.To help you better anticipate a future credit need, Bottomline will help you create an action plan to help find lending solutions for your business’ working capital needs.


Business Short-Term Loans (5 months-24 months)

Bottomline Access offers term loans to help your business with working capital and equipment or consolidate debt.  Your business receives money to use over a fixed period of time. Term loans work best for purchasing assets that you expect to increase your revenues over an extended period, such as equipment or vehicles. Loans with fixed interest rates allow you to predict your payments and can help protect your cash flow while you benefit from the asset.

Business Lines of Credit

With a Bottomline Access line of credit, your business will have working capital and cash available when you need it. Lines of credit provide a pool of money that you can tap as needed, and you pay interest only on the amount you use. It’s a revolving account, so as you pay back what you owe, you may borrow again up to your credit limit. This type of financing is usually used to cover short-term expenses, such as inventory or payroll.

Merchant Cash Advance

A Bottomline Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan, but rather an advance based on the future revenues or credit card sales of a business. You will repay the advance using a portion of your daily credit card transactions.


Day 1 (Submitting Application)

A decision is made with a simple 1 page application, 3 recent months Bank Statements and a brief conversation with our lending experts. Our lending experts will create an action plan to improve your bottomline, financial footing and build a compelling case to lenders. 92% of business customers remain loyal to Bottomline because we care about the future of your business.

Day 2 (Customizing the Right Fit)

Our lending experts work diligently in matching your financial needs with the best lending product for your business. On day 2, your lending expert will start a process of negotiation in order to secure the best option for your business. You will receive a formal offer with the rates and terms. Remember, the growth of your bottomline is our main goal.

Day 3 (Ready to Fund)

We are ready to deposit the funds! An ACH or wire transfer is processed to your business bank account. Our experts are always here to help! We love to be social and keep in touch! We focus on building great and long lasting relationships with business owners we help. We accomplish this by providing a phenomenal customer experience and most importantly by helping grow your Bottomline!

When it comes to running any successful business, cash flow is key. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering Fast & Easy lending tailored specifically to your business. We have become an industry favorite! When Banks say NO, we say YES!
“92% of Business Owners come back to Bottomline Access for all future lending..there’s a reason why”

Here are a few of many advantages of working with us


    Get approved the same day with less paperwork and a rapid process with no cost

  • Bad Credit isn’t an issue

    As bank approval rates decline our approval rates are skyrocketing regardless of your credit


    We believe in you and your business, no need to risk any of your assets


    You have the freedom to use and manage your cash flow as you believe works best


Why Partner with Bottomline Access? You’ll close more deals!

At Bottom Line Access we believe teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Together we can accomplish more. With a partnership program where our customers’ satisfaction comes first, we have found building relationships with others easier than ever. Our dedication to putting customers first has made fast approvals, competitive offers, and fast funding a reality
Partner with us and instantly expand your reach and grow your business. Whether your focus lies in small business loans, advances, equipment financing, etc. it is our aim to be the one-stop shop for merchants searching for all types of loans.


“The people at Bottomline Access really came up BIG, when my local Bank came up short. Steve, my Funding Specialist took the time to understand my business needs and customized the perfect loan for me! Thanks Steve!

Sandy Keong
Sandy KeongSubway Restaurant

“These are true lending experts! They were more concerned about growing my bottomline than getting me a loan! I guess that’s why Bottomline is my primary and only lending source!”

Melissa Castro
Melissa CastroPrimero Taxing and Accounting Solutions

I thought it was another broker again but after 5 minutes speaking to Kevin, I knew Bottomline was different. In 3 days, they got me everything I needed quickly and smoothly!”

David Youngclaus
David YoungclausR & R Trucking


Timing and preparation are everything when it comes to finding financing. Contact us today to create an action plan to improve your financial footing and build a compelling case to our lenders.